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Home of Hachiko, the most famous dog in Japan. Akita is also known as the home of kiritampo (pounded rice sticks), a local delicacy that is representative of the prefecture, and has many famous gourmet foods and traditional crafts such as magewappa and Hinai-jidori chicken. With its hot springs and natural attractions, it is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing trip.

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Odate-Noshiro Airport is located in the city and can be reached in about 70 minutes from Tokyo. The area has inherited the matagi (traditional winter hunters) culture nurtured by the magnificent nature of Mt. Moriyoshi and the Yoneshiro River. In addition, Jomon Prehistoric Sites, exemplified by the Isedotai Ruins, have been registered as a World Heritage Site.

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The town prospered through mining, and the mining-related facilities that remain today give the town a retro atmosphere. In addition to the magnificent nature such as Lake Towada on the border with Aomori Prefecture, the Meiji era theater Kourakukan and the Kosaka Mine facilities have been carefully preserved.

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Located in the mountainous region in the center of Akita Prefecture, this area is surrounded by beautiful nature and continues to preserve various traditional performing arts. With towering Akita cedars that seem to reach the sky, a rich land nurtured by forests and rivers, and a serene, mystical beauty that lingers, it is a region where one can experience the original landscapes of Japan.

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