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Kamikoani Project

Kamikoani Village plays host to a wide range of artists, musicians, and performers during this one of a kind arts festival. Exhibitions are open around the village in former schools, small mountain hamlets, and other interesting venues. Modern artists from the Akita University of Art and all around Japan come to exhibit their works. Every year the installations change, so there is always something new to see!
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Chinese Lantern Jam

Most people are familiar with the ornamental red variety of Chinese lantern, but Kamikonai grows a special edible orange variety. The sweet and sour flavor has been described as a cross between a tomato and a plum. It is affectionately called the “love thief” variety for its ability to make instant fans out of those who try it. Rich in vitamin C, the “love thief” Chinese lanterns are also a nutritional spread for breads and cakes.
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Kobusugi Giant Cedar

In a quiet forest just five minutes from Obayashi Village, a grove of Akita cedar over 250 years old stands proudly. Among the approximately 700 trees, one stands apart from its peers; the Kobusugi Giant Cedar. In 2000 it was named to the “100 Giants of the Forest” list and is a beloved symbol of the village. It is closely protected today and is seen as a living monument to the mysterious ways of nature.