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The award-winning Torimeshi lunch set has its origins during the hard times of post-war Japan. With food scarce, the local people made due with the rations that were available. A resourceful chef was able to combine ingredients at hand into a delicious boxed lunch. The result was an instant hit and has been a local staple ever since.
Tender chicken, soy sauce, and burdock make up the flavor profile of the dish. It is popular with those looking for a lunch on the go, especially those passing through Odate Station.
To ensure that the take-out lunches taste great even when cold, they are made to suit the day’s temperature and humidity levels for maximum taste.
In 2017 Hanazen renovated their store and now customers can watch through a second floor glass window as workers make the lunches in the kitchen below.


【Handling store】Hanazen Restaurant

【Address】1-10-2 Onaricho Ōdate City, Akita


【Hours】Dining Room: 10:00 – 14:30, Take-Out Window: 6:30 – 19:00

【Fixed closing day】無休



【Hanazen Restaurant】
1-10-2 Onaricho Ōdate City, Akita