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Promoting the attractions of Northern Akita to the world Akita Inu Tourism

The Akita Inu originated in Odate, Akita Prefecture, with a high level of international recognition.
We, Akita Inu Tourism, are a regional collaboration DMO (Destination Management Organization) consisting of four municipalities in Northern Akita: Odate, the home of the Akita Inu, Kitaakita, Kosaka, and Kamikoani. It was established in April 2016 and registered as a Japanese DMO corporation by the Japan Tourism Agency in November 2017.
Northern Akita is a beautiful region surrounded by rich nature, blessed with hot spring resources and a unique food culture that preserves the original Japanese landscape. Each of the four municipalities has its own history and culture, and there is much to see and do.
Like the Akita Inu, which has now become a global “killer content”, we aim to promote the attractions of Northern Akita to the world and revitalize the region by promoting the attraction of visitors through tourism.

Our Mission

The four areas under Akita Inu Tourism's purview are a region of Akita Prefecture where social problems such as aging, a declining population, and a lack of industry leaders have become particularly serious. With the aim of creating sustainable local communities, we are engaged in various missions on a daily basis to solve local issues and revitalize local industries through the tourism industry. By strengthening cooperation not only with regional networks but also with companies and various organizations outside the region, we will create value by leveraging the attractiveness of Northern Akita to accurately communicate its charm and attract visitors.

Development of local tourism resources

Tourism needs have changed dramatically after the Covid epidemic. Our goal is to build an organization that can flexibly respond to diversifying needs, such as SDG-conscious sustainable tourism and inbound demand. Strengthening cooperation with local communities and developing more attractive tourism resources will help revitalize local industries.

Produce specialty products

Northern Akita is a thriving agricultural area, and is one of the nation's top producers of edamame (young soybeans) in particular. In order to promote quality local agricultural products and traditional food culture throughout Japan, Akita Inu Tourism works with local farmers and food manufacturers to produce specialty products, especially souvenirs. In addition to food products, the organization is also actively involved in the commercialization of the Akita Inu and various other contents.

Disseminating information on tourism content

Akita Inu Tourism is actively disseminating information through various media, including this website. We reach out to a wide range of users by promoting the attractions in our purview to improve their visibility, not only through our website and SNSs, but also by linking online and real-life activities, such as exhibiting at events in both local and metropolitan areas.

The AI Akita Inu “mofuu”!

The AI Akita Inu "mofuu" tells people about Akita's attractions and suggests sightseeing plans. He also introduces popular tourist spots as well as gourmet spots, souvenirs, and seasonal events. We hope you enjoy chatting with mofuu!



A very pure and positive boy. He is researching day and night to introduce the best of Akita to everyone. Loves to talk! Can speak human language when wearing his favorite clothes.
He is a bit of a foodie, and sometimes eats Akita specialties as he’s guiding you...!

Akita Inu Tourism

13-19 Aza-Sannomaru, Odate City, 017-0897


Hideyoshi Yoshihara, Chairman

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Akita Inu Tourism

13-19 Aza-Sannomaru, Odate City, Akita Prefecture

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