Yosei no Mori Cottage Laulu

Yosei no Mori Cottage Laulu

  • Kitaakita
  • Hot Springs and Hotel

妖精の森コテージラウルは、秋田県森吉山麓に位置します。 北欧風コテージをはじめ、山荘、キャンプ場などの皆様のスタイルに合わせた宿泊施設の他、春、夏、秋シーズンを通して遊べるアウトドアスポーツをご用意しております。 グループでファミリーで楽しめる施設となっております。


【Price per cabin】
Week night (4 people) \11,330
Holiday night (4 people) \13,390
Day use(11:00~14:00) \5,408
※Prices vary by season. Please check the cottage homepage for a full pricing details.

【Number of cabins】4 Person: 3, 6 Person: 4, 8 Person: 1

【Open season】April – November

【Facilities】Shower, bathtub, kitchen, living room, bedroom, cooking untensils, flatware, microwave oven, hot plate, refrigerator, western toilet, vanity mirror with sink, heater, rice cooker, electric kettle, water heater

【Reservations】Reservations can be made through theCottage Laulu homepage.

【Terms & Conditions】Please include the following information when reservering a cabin:
・breed, sex, age, vaccine status, and spay or neuter status of pets
*Some breeds are not allowed. For the full terms and conditions, please visit the Cottage Laulu homepage.

【Other】It is the responsibility of the owner to provide food, dishes, medicine, dog beds, sheets, bath towels, and if necessary crates for their pets. Owners must inform the cottages of their pet’s vaccination history.


【Address】Moriyoshikōgennai Moriyoshi Kitaakita City,Akita