Kosaka Wine

Distinctive wine from original variety grapes

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The Tokito area of Kosaka Town has rich volcanic soils formed by the multiple eruptions of Lake Towada. Thanks to the good drainage, fertile soil, and warm days and cool nights, the area is perfect for growing grapes. The hybridized mountain grapes grown at the vineyard are sometimes called miraculous for their unique properties.
Harvest takes place from September to November. Wine varieties include the reasonably priced “Towada Highlands Wine”, “Jukai” (red, white, and rose), and the special limited quantity “Yama Budo to Watashi”.


【Handling facilities】1967 temple (stand) in the Kosakakouzan office, Korakukan Theater, Off-license in Kosaka-machi

【Address】Kosaka-machi, Kazuno-gun, Akita


・Kosaka Mine Office gift store
・Korakukan Theater gift store
Various liquor stores throughout Kosaka