Odate Cherry Blossom Festival

Historic Park with Beautiful Cherry Trees

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Keijo Park is the sight of the former Odate Castle which was owned by the western Satake clan. Athough the castle was razed in 1868, there are still remnants to be found in the park including a section of the moat.
Every year the town celebrates the blossoming of the 140 yoshino cherry trees in the park by holding performances on the stage and enjoying the surrounding food stalls. The park is illuminated at night so the park can be enjoyed even when the sun sets.
The Akita Dog Preservation Society holds their annual dog show in the park on every May 3rd.


【Where】Keijo Park (Nakajo, Odate City)

【When】April 20, 2018 to May 3 ※The 2018 festival has finished.

【Contact】Odate Cherry Blossom Festival executive committee TEL 0186-42-4360



Keijo Park (Nakajo, Odate City)