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Walking around Famous Places in a Kimono


The local beauty salon UOZUMI offers a service that allows visitors to walk around town in a kimono. From traditional patterns to modern kimonos, you can choose your favorite kimono and tour the sights of Odate, with its quaint atmosphere. There are many options for experiencing traditional Japanese culture, such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and commemorative photo shoots, so you can enjoy the good old traditions of Japan to your heart's content.


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Walking around Torigata Estate


Torigata Estate offers visitors the opportunity to explore the gardens and mansion of the former Torigata family residence. This exquisite Japanese house, constructed by the prominent Torigata family of Odate, showcases the elegance and architectural beauty of traditional Japanese homes. While retaining the appearance of the old residence, Kyoto-style design has been incorporated throughout, and a tea ceremony room is located on the second floor. The tranquil atmosphere of this Japanese-style space will help you forget your everyday life and relax.


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Akita Dog Museum


This facility houses the headquarters of the Akita Inu Preservation Society, which oversees Akita Inus around the world. The Akita Inu Preservation Society Headquarters engages in a variety of activities to preserve and disseminate information about the Akita Inu, a national protected species, including the creation of pedigrees and the organization of exhibitions. At the reception on the first floor, you will be greeted by dignified Akita Inus who are members of the preservation society. In the museum's gallery, visitors can learn about the Akita Inu in depth through a variety of exhibits on the history, ecology, and biography of the Akita Inu. This gallery is the only dog museum in Japan managed by a dog breed organization.


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Kimono Experience Ends



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Lunch at Akita Hinai Ya!


After enjoying a city tour of Odate, visit Akita Hinai Ya where you can taste an Odate specialty, Hinai-jidori chicken, known as one of the three great chickens in Japan. Here, you will be served the famous, fluffy, runny, and exquisite oyakodon (chicken and egg on rice), made with Hinai-jidori chicken. The oyakodon, carefully prepared with flavor-packed Hinai-jidori chicken and a runny Hinai-jidori chicken egg, is a unique delicacy that can only be enjoyed here.


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Watch a Play at the Kourakukan Theater


After filling your stomach with an exquisite oyakodon, drive 30 minutes to Korakukan Theater, a sightseeing spot in Kosaka. Originally built as a theater in the Meiji era (1868-1912), the Kourakukan Theater is an important cultural asset of Japan that preserves the atmosphere of those days. It is said to be Japan's oldest wooden theater with a blend of Japanese and Western styles that has not been relocated or restored and is still in use today. It is still used as a theater where visitors can watch plays.


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Visit the Kosaka Mine Office


After viewing a play at Kourakukan Theater, visit the nearby Kosaka Mine Office. Kosaka once prospered from mining. Kourakukan Theater was built as a recreational facility for the workers in the mines. The Kosaka Mine Office is a symbol of Kosaka, built in the Meiji era, when mining flourished. The three-story wooden structure, with its luxurious Renaissance-style architecture, tells the story of the mine's prosperity at that time. The "Modern Costume Room" offers a dress rental service, where you can wear a beautiful dress and take a commemorative photo in the museum. Strolling through the spiral staircase and ornately decorated interior of the museum in a dress, you will feel like a European aristocrat.


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