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Board the Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway from Takanosu Station.



To Animaeda Station


Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway is a local line that runs through the center of Akita Prefecture. Visitors can leisurely enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and landscapes of Akita from their train window. It is an important means of transportation for residents living in mountainous areas, but it is also known as a convenient means of transportation connecting picturesque tourist attractions.


By Car



Enjoy a Pleasure Boat Cruise on Lake Taihei


It takes about one hour to drive there from Animaeda Station. After passing through the Moriyoshi Dam and the scenic mountain roads, you will arrive at Lake Taihei. A pleasure boat operates here from spring to fall, and visitors can enjoy the magnificent nature from the boat. The beautiful lake enchants us with its seasonal beauty. In spring and summer, there's beautiful and invigorating fresh greenery; in autumn, the foliage creates a spectacular view; and in winter, the area is enveloped in a snowy landscape. Komatakyo Gorge (accessible by the pleasure boat) is a popular trekking spot in Akita. The beautiful scenery of Mother Nature invites you to an extraordinary world.


By Car



Lunch at Aniai Station


After enjoying the pleasure boat and trekking at Lake Taiheiko, drive to Aniai Station. The Kogumatei restaurant located inside Aniai Station is a popular gourmet spot in the area. Enjoy unique dishes such as menus using locally grown ingredients.


By Car



Mt. Moriyoshi


After filling your stomach with a delicious lunch at Kogumatei, we recommend trying your hand at mountain climbing at Mt. Moriyoshi, which has been selected as one of the 100 most famous mountains for its flowers. Even though we said “mountain climbing”, the gondola at the Ani Ski Resort at the foot of the mountain operates throughout the year, and the gondola can take you to the summit area, so those with limited physical strength can also feel at ease. During the 20-minute gondola ride in the air, we are treated to a spectacular view from the gondola. Alpine flora blooms from spring to fall, and majestic frost-covered trees appear in winter. Mt. Moriyoshi has some of Japan's greatest frost-covered trees, along with Zao in Yamagata and Hakkouda in Aomori, and presents a fantastic world created by the harsh natural environment.


By Car



Board the Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway at Aniai Station


After climbing the mountain, go back to Aniai Station. The station building also has a well-stocked souvenir corner with local specialties. We recommend that you look for a special item to commemorate your trip or as a souvenir for your family and friends. The "Tetsuin book" is also available for sale here, which is great for fans of local train lines. If you purchase a Tetsuin book, you can get an original Tetsuin stamp from each company by presenting your train ticket and paying the bookkeeping fee at the ticket counter. The Tetsuin stamp is a special original design for Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway.


Arrive at Takanosu Station