Enjoy Akita with a private guide!

Make your personal trip to Akita more enjoyable.
A private guide with extensive knowledge of the local area will plan and lead you on your own personalized plan.
Enjoy a trip one notch above the rest!

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I am Miwa Noguchi,
your private guide!

Miwa Noguchi

National government licensed guide interpreter, Authorized tour conductor
Supported languages
Experience as a guide
6 years
Fields of expertise
Overview of the history and culture of Akita Prefecture, hiking in the Shirakami Mountains (safety personnel mobilisation required).
25,000 yen for half day/40,000 yen for full day(Tax not included)
Covid-19 vaccination status

I'm Noguchi Miwa, the region's only qualified national interpreter-guide (English), having raised my children here for 15 years until 2020.After obtaining my national qualification in 2017, I became a certified Odate City Kiritanpo Master, Odate City Akita Dog Fan, Happo-cho Shirakami Guide and Oga City Namahage Conductor for cruise ships and private I guide Akita on trips.

Recommended Route

Half day course two people 30,000yen
One of the world’s largest drum and Old Byzantine styled church

1.Taiko Museum
  • Takanosu
2.Tsuzureko Shrine
  • Takanosu
3.Magata Orthodox Church
  • Odate
4.Akita Dog Visitor Center
  • Odate

Full day course two people 50,000yen
Enjoy Odate ! Meet Akita dogs & make Kiritampo and Magewappa

1.Akita dog visitor center
  • Odate
2.Shinmeisha Shrine
  • Odate
3.Magata Orthodox Church
  • Odate
4.Kiritampo Cooking Lesson & Lunch
  • Odate
5.Furusawa Onsen (Meet Akita dogs)
  • Odate
6.Torikata Estate
  • Odate
4.Magewappa Craft Lesson
  • Odate
Contact us
  • The tour will be conducted in English or Japanese. If other language is preferred, please contact us through the contact form.
  • The fare only includes the translation fee of sightseeing, shopping, attending event or exhibition, etc. Cost of transportation, entrance fee and eating are not included (The part for guide to be added).
  • Travel with taxi can be arranged through separate consultation (Taxi fee not covered).
  • VAT to be added separately to the fee scheduled above.
  • Please pay through bank transfer at least 7 days prior to the tour date.
  • Cancellation fee is required in accordance with the policy below:
    14 days before: 5%
    13-2 days before: 20%
    The day before: 40%
    On the day: 100%
    Deposits will be returned after deducting the cancellation fee.
    Cancellation due to bad weather condition can be further discussed.