Taxi service from Aniai Station to Mt. Moriyoshi Ani Gondola! Get better deal with advance booking! Enjoy the scenery of every season! [Akita・Kita-akita]

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A special taxi service between Aniai Station and Moriyoshizan Ani Gondola!
Book in advance to reduce a regular price of 5-6 thousand yen (by meter) down to 3-4 thousand yen!

Mt. Moriyoshi is one of the best hundred mountains famous for its rich variety of flowers blooming in spring and summer.
In autumn, its summit and surrounding hills are covered with colorful autumn leaves.
In winter, the mountain will transform into a crystal world with rime ice on all trees.
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the mountain and enjoy its beautiful scenery at this discounted rate.
* No taxi service available in November as gondola operation will be suspended.

Ani Taxi provides convenient access to the scenic spots of Mt. Moriyoshi and nearby sightseeing places!
The Mt. Moriyoshi and nearby Moriyoshi Prefectural Natural Park located in Kita-akita city boast
splendid  nature with beautiful waterfalls. You can also see the stunning Toudou Valley and the Toudou Fall and ride a boat to explore the beautiful Taihei Lake and Komata Gorge.
To attract more visitors to the beautiful nature the Moriyoshi tour taxi (shared use) is cooperating with Akita Nairiku Line.
We look forward to providing a pleasant trip for everyone.​ ​

Activity details


Adult / One way (13 years old ~) 1person 1,100yen

Adult / Round trip (13 years old ~) 1person 2,200yen

Child / One way (7-12 years old) 1person 550yen

Child / Round trip (7-12 years old) 1person 1,100yen

Infant (under 7 years old) 1person 0yen

  • All prices include tax.
  • Price is as stated above.
  • Prices vary by date. Please confirm the price after seleting your reservation date.
【Included in price】
Pick-up fee, transfer fee between Aniai Station and Moriyoshizan Ani Ski Resort (Moriyoshizan Ani Gondola) (one way / round trip)
【Not included in price】
Moriyoshizan Ani Ski Resort (Moriyoshizan Ani Gondola)

Required time

Within 1 hour

Age limit & other information

Please check the reservation site for details.

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Company information

【Meeting place】
Akita Nairiku Line ‘Aniai Station’ (119 Aniginzan, Kita-akita city, Akita 018-4613)

【Meeting time】
Please try to arrive prior to your reservation time.

【Company name】
Ani Taxi Ltd.

5-8 Shimoshinmachi, Ani Ginzan, Kitaakita City, Akita Prefecture

【Business hours】
6: 00-18: 00