Find the place you want to go on your smartphone! “City Walking Digital Map”

A digital walking map for Odate City, Kitaakita City, and Kamikoani Village is now available!

A digital walking map for Odate City, Kitaakita City, Kamikoani Village, and Kosaka Town has been released.
Lots of information on gourmet food, hot springs, and facilities where you can play and learn. Let's go discover the charm of the city!

[Odate City]


[Kitaakita City/Kamikoani Village]

Very convenient to use

You can search for the place you want to go by category!


You can search for places you want to go by region and category, such as "I want to find a ramen restaurant in Odate City" or "I want to find accommodation in Kitaakita City."
Since it is linked with GPS, you can easily know your current location! You can arrive at your destination without getting lost.
Travel back in time with old maps!


Equipped with old maps from the Edo period to the early Showa period. You can enjoy walking around the city while comparing the cityscape of the past and the present.
You might make a new discovery! ?

*The era of the old maps installed differs depending on the region. Please note.

Access from here on your smartphone!

[Odate City]


[Kitaakita City/Kamikoani Village]