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Odate area

Yatate Heights Hot Spring Hotel

Located in the Yatate Tōge rest area, the Yatate Heights hotel and hot spring sits surrounded by a beautful old growth Akita cedar forest. The hot spring is fed straight from the source and affectionately called the "Golden Waters of the Mountain Pass".
Guests can enjoy the panoramic views year-round while enjoying a relaxing meal at restaurant or unwinding at the hot spring.


Kaguya outdoor tub
Tenku outdoor tub
Example of the luxury dining plan (¥11,000)


【Address】311 Jimba Nagabashiri Odate City, Akita




【Parking lot】Available (free), 62 car capacity

【Room style】Japanese-style rooms: 11, Western-style room: 1

【Room size】Japanese-style 10-tatami: 11, Western-style twin: 1

【Room amenities】Restroom, air-conditioning, TV, refrigerator, toothbrush, toothpaste, bath towel, yukata ※Internet only available on the first floor. ※There is free Wi-Fi (available 30 minutes)



【Credit card】JCB, VISA, master, AMEX, Diners

【Hot spring】Large communal bath (men's and women's for each one) sauna (men's and women's for each one) The bathhouses are replaced every day. The guest can use all bathtubs.

【Outdoor bath】Man one girl 1

【Bathing time】7:00~21:00 

【Coin laundry】Unavailable

【Restaurant】Odate Yatate Heights restaurt Hours: 11:30 to 20:00, 76 seating capacity, Japanese-style menu focused on local dishes, ¥900 breakfast set includes entrance to the hot springs! ※Breakfast from 7:30 to 9:00 (last order 8:30)


From Odate Noshiro Airport: 60 minutes by car
From JR Jimba Station: 5 minutes by car (pick-up and delivery available by reservation)
From Tohoku Expressway Ikarigaseki exit: 7 minutes by car