Step off the beaten path.
Explore Akita.
Akita—stunning scenery,
unique activities,
rich history.

About 秋田犬ツーリズムとは

Akita Inu Tourism’s mission is to help revitalize northern Akita Prefecture by introducing its charms to the outside world.

Meet Akita dogs 秋田犬に会う

There are many places to see the beautiful Akita dogs that call this area home.
Make sure to visit one on your trip, they’re excited to meet you!

Sightseeing 観光

Stoic mountains, placid lakes, and traditional cuisine. Discover the unique culture of northern Akita.

Hotel & Hot springs 宿泊&温泉

Enjoy the hospitality of one of northern Akita’s welcoming hotels and hot springs. From luxury Japanese-style inns to budget hotels, there is something for every occasion.

Event イベント

Every season offers up distinct festivals and events where visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture.

Plan Your Trip 旅の計画

Learn more about getting to northern Akita and recommended itineraries to start planning your trip today.