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Egoma Oil

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, it improves blood flow.

Omega 3 cannot be made by the human body, so it must be taken from food.
Although it is abundant in fish such as mackerel and sardines, it is a nutrient that people nowadays tend to lack.
Therefore, "egoma oil", which contains a large amount of omega 3 (α-linolenic acid), is attracting attention.

When heated, α-linolenic acid will be destroyed, so please enjoy it by sprinkling or mixing.
It is okay to put on top of hot foods, but not for frying.
Please keep cool after opening, enjoy as soon as you can and avoid direct sunlight.
It is recommended to use it as a dressing together with soy sauce.

Sesame oil squeezed from "Egoma" from Kamikoani Village.
Freshly squeezed and additive-free.

Available at the Kamikoani roadside station, alongside an abundance of local special products.
Do give it a try!


【Kamikoani Road Station】
【Address】Mukaikawara-66-1 KosawadaKamikoani, Kitaakita District, Akita 〒018-4421
【Phone Number】0186-77-3238
【Open Hours】9:00~17:30
【Home Page】There is also an online shop.


Buy egoma oil and other local produce here:

【Kamikoani Road Station】
【Address】Mukaikawara-66-1 KosawadaKamikoani, Kitaakita District, Akita 〒018-4421