Odate area

Edamame (Snacks, Soft Serve, Beer)

Treats that have a unique twist of Edamame!

Edamame soft serve!
Very creamy & delicious, a unique flavour, not overly sweet.
Can also order in a waffle cone!
Enjoy a variety of edamame inspired snacks.
Everybody loves the edamame chips! (centre)
The waffle, with delicious edamame cream is served frozen.
Please thaw in the fridge for 2 hours before eating.
The beer makes a great unique souvenir!


【Address】Akita Dog Visitor Center.
1 Chome-13-1 Onaricho, Odate, Akita 017-0044

【Access】Across the road from Odate Station. Parking available at the Visitor Center (not station).


【Hours】9AM to 5PM
☆See real Akita Inu Dogs!☆
 9:30~16:45(there are rest times for the dogs.)
Rest day:Monday(If Monday is a public holiday, then the following day is a rest day.)


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【Akita Dog Visitor Center】1 Chome-13-1 Onaricho, Odate, Akita 017-0044