Hokushika Sake

Representing Japan is Hokushika Sake, originating from Odate

Hokushika is a sake brewery located in the central area of Odate in Ariura. Their sake is familiar within Akita Prefecture which has long been known for its rice and sake.
As a sake brewery, Hokushika is not a big manufacturer, but they are always challenging themselves and trying
out new things. One of those, is snow storage. Sake brewed at the start of winter is moved to Towada Lake, stored in the snow, and left to age. As the temperature and humidity is constant under the snow, this creates the perfect environment for the sake to age. The yeast and is left to ferment the raw sake till spring, giving it a mellow taste.
In addition, as they would like to give as many people the opportunity to taste Daiginjo sake, the highest quality of sake, they managed to create a reasonably priced one called 'Kitaakita Daiginjo' through various trial and error. It is said to be one on Japan's best selling Daiginjo sake. A fruity and refreshing taste, you will be able to get a taste of it for under ¥1,000.
Hokushika sake have collaborations with various parties including Akita Dog Visitor Center. Do give this local sake a try!
Snow Storage Daiginjo
Junmai Snow Storage
Kitaakita Daiginjo