Kosaka area

Acacia cookie

Kosaka's famous baked treat made with acacia honey.

Acacia honey is one of Kosaka's local specialties. Black locust trees, also known as acacia in Japan, are found throughout the town. When the flowers bloom in June, the town is filled with their sweet scent. Honey from the flowers is characterized by its pure refreshing, sweetness.
Acacia cookies are made with lots of honey, but not over-sweet and are topped with almond slices to keep the cookie moist.
You can buy it at the Iwatani confectionery store or at the souvenir corner at Kosaka Mine Office.


【Where】48-2 Furudate Kosakakōzan Kosaka Town,Kazuno-gun, Akita


Kosaka Mine Office: Furudate-48-2 Kosakakōzan, Kosaka, Kazuno-gun, Akita, Japan