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Aomori Prefecture is most often associated with apples, but with its similar climate, northern Akita grows apples second to none. Apple orchards are commonplace in the Nakayama district of Odate city and the Fushikage district of Kitaakita city, two of the main production areas. Apples that grow in these areas, where the temperature varies significantly between day and night, are characterized by their superior sweetness. The apples are said to be sweeter, and the skins more richly colored that the same varieties grown elsewhere.
Local farmers grow up to 30 varieties in these areas. Akita prefecture has created a new variety unique to the prefecture, the “Beni Akari”. It is one of the must-trys in Akita.
Apples are available for purchase from autumn to spring. Another way to enjoy the apple all year around is freshly pressed 100% apple juice.


【Where】Cheerful Mother Shop: Ienoushiro-97-1, Magata, Odate, Akita, Japan
【Season】October to December(Depends on breed)


Cheerful Mother Shop: Ienoushiro-97-1, Magata, Odate, Akita, Japan