Odate area

Odate Magewappa

Officially designated Traditional Handicraft of Japan

Magewappa is said to have began with lumberjacks bending pieces of cedar into useful shapes while working in the forest.
Nowadays, a magewappa piece begins selecting a strong and flexible strip of Akita cedar with a beautiful grain. Then the strip is bathed in hot water and bent into the desired shape. Lastly, cherry tree bark is then woven through the overlapping cear to secure shape and finish the process.
​Sleek, simple, and natural, magewappa handicrafts have garnered fans from around the globe.


【Handling store】Odate bending bentwood ware cooperative (main)

【Address】17 Bakurocho Odate-shi, Akita

【Phone number】0186-49-5221

【Open】9:45 to 15:30



【Odate Magewappa Cooperative】
17 Bakuroumachi Odate City,Akita