Odate area

Wisteria Garden (Tonose Fuji no Sato)

Reflection of Fuji flowers in the rice field

This spot used to be a field used for planting hops, but was revamped into a Fuji garden, and was only for the enjoyment of the locals living in that area. However, the person who looked-after the garden passed away and his son took over it with the intention of wanting more people to be able to enjoy the flowers. With the cooperation of the local designers, they prepared the garden. Now it is a tourism spot which enjoys over 20,000 visitors during season. There are around 80 Fuji trees in the garden, and it is surrounded by rice fields. The contrast of the rice fields against the Fujis are definitely a sight to behold.
Gorgeous wispy wisteria


【Address】Yamada, Odate-shi, Akita-ken 018-3502

【Please Note】
It is a private property, only open on specific hours and days.
Please refrain from going outside of the hours.

Starting from 2022, parking spaces are opened on reserve basis.
For details, please refer to the management committee homepage (Japanese only).

【Date & Time】May 18th - 31st, 2022, 9:00 - 16:30
【Entrance Fee】1,000
【Telephone no.】+81-186-59-6777 (Management support)


【Tonose Fuji no Sato】
Yamada, Odate, Akita 018-3502