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Spring Charms

Thousand flowers blossom in the Akita spring

The spring melt arrives late in northern Akita. Vibrant flowers slowly bloom across the forest floor. Some flowers blossom earlier than ordinary flowers, and are sometimes characterized by clusters. Daisen City in Akita is famous for its annual spring bloom. However, at the foot of Mt. Moriyoshi, Mt. Hou, and the Iwakami Reservoir in Odate City, you can see a variety of flowers on a leisurely stroll. This spring ritual usually begins to bloom in early April, with the bloom peaking at the end of early May.
Amur Adonis
Anemone pseudoaltaica


【Where】Around Mt. Moriyoshi in Kitaakita City, Mt. Hou, Iwakami Reservoir
【Season】Early April to Mid-May


Mt. Moriyoshi: 79-5 Anikaginodaki, Kitaakita, Akita, Japan
Phoenix Mountain, Iwakami Reservoir: Iwagamisawa Azuma, Odate, Akita, Japan