Kosaka area

Lake Towada

Stunning Caldera Lake

Lake Towada was formed roughly 200,000 years ago by a series of volcanic eruptions. The resulting crater was the slowly filled with rainwater until it reached a depth of 327m (1,073ft), making it the third deepest lake in Japan. The sky and surrounding mountains reflected in the glassy lake surface is a sight you need to see to believe!
Flowing 14km from Lake Towada to Yakiyama, the Oirase Gorge is a popular tourist destination for its pristine natural scenery.

Million dollar view of Lake Towada

Exiting a dense, leafy forest, the deep blue of Lake Towada suddenly spreads out before you. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views at the Hakka Lookout, located 631m (2,070ft) above the lake on the lip of the surrounding caldera.
On clear days the Hakoda Mountains are clearly visible across the lake and visitors from all over flock to take in the view. An overflow parking lot and restrooms are located 200m from the lookout towards the Jukai Line entrance.


【Address】Azaoide Towadako, Kosaka-machi, Kazuno-gun, Akita

【Closed 】Closed during Winter


【Lake Towada】
Towadakooide Kosaka Town, Kazuno gun, Akita