Kitaakita area

Kobei Falls (Ritsumata Gorge)

The largest waterfall in the Ritsumata Gorge--A must-see!

Kobei Falls is located in the Ritsumata Gorge on the western slopes of Mt. Buna (1,016m). Just a 10-minute walk from the parking lot is the 30m (98ft) Ichinotaki Falls, which features a pillar-like drop. 30 minutes from Ichinotaki Falls is the 20m Ninotaki Falls. Kobei Falls Lookout Point is a 20 minute climb from Ninotaki falls on the ridge of a beech forest. The largest waterfall in the gorge, the water cascades down 108m (354ft). The climb from Ninotaki to Kobei Falls has many steep switchbacks, but is worth the effort!
Ichinotaki Falls near the parking lot
Ninotaki Falls, 20m drop
Kobei Falls


【Address】 Aniutto Maeyamakamidai, Kitaakita City, Akita

【Phone number】0186-62-1851 (association of sightseeing in Kitaakita-shi)

【Closed】Closed during Winter



【Kobei Falls】
Maeyamakamitai Aniuttou Kitaakita City,Akita