Odate area

Ishida Rose Garden

More than 500 varieties on display

Prestigious resident Hirohide Ishida's beloved rose garden was gifted to Odate City on July 1, 1995.

The garden covers an area of 2300 squared metres (24800 squared feet).
Since it is a sample garden and 1 rose per type is planted, it contains roughly 500 different varieties of flowers!
The garden remains opens throughout the year. From 9:00 to 17:00 (May - October).

The roses don’t bloom long, so make sure to see them when you can!

The 1st season is from beginning of June until end of June.

Usually in June, the Odate Rose Festival is held during the first blooming season of the year.
The fragrance fascinates the visitors. During the rose festival, the saplings of roses and souvenirs are sold.
A ‘Night Garden’ which illuminates the roses in the garden at night is held as a special event.

The 2nd season is in the beginning of October.
There are many roses that bloom in Autumn too.
You can enjoy elegant roses, with a calm atmosphere different to those roses that bloom at the beginning of Summer.


【Address】10 Sannomaru Odate City, Akita

【Phone number】0186-43-7072 (Odate Tourism Division)

【Open】9:00 to 17:00 (May - October)


-From Odate Station: Approx. 2.5km: 30mins by foot/15mins by bicycle/10mins by bus (Get off at Odate Shiyakusho Mae/Odate City Hall).
-From Higashi-Odate Station: Approx. 1.2km: 15mins by foot
-From Odate Kita IC: Approx. 3.9km: 9mins by car
-From Odate Minami IC: Approx. 5.1km: 11mins by car

【Parking】Next to Akita-Inu Hall. (30m away from Ishida Rose Garden). 20 parking spaces.



【Ishida Rose Garden】
10 Sannomaru Odate City, Akita