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Nishine Smithy

Experience the Matagi spirit in Nishine Smithy

Knife “Mataginagasa” is the spirit of Matagi.
Blacksmith Nagasa the third, Minoru Nishine, once was also a Matagi. His smithy is well preserved with high authenticity. Currently it is managed by Nishine’s wife, Makoto. She will personally explain the Mataginagasa, together with the Matagi culture and story of Nishine and blacksmith life.
Before purchasing the Mataginagasa, let’s feel the spirit of Matagi and Makoto’s warm smile.


【Address】Toyonosawa-75-5 Aniarase, Kitaakita City, Akita

【Phone number】0186-82-2207

【FAX number】0186-82-2234



【Nishine Smithy】
Toyonosawa-75-5 Aniarase, Kitaakita, Akita