Kosaka area

Former Kindergarten for local miners' children

Former Kindergarten for local miners' children

The Tenshikan was built in cooperation with the Kosaka mine in 1931 as a kindergarten for the children of local miners. An order of Christian nuns ran the kindergarten which influenced the western aesthetic of the building. Clapboard siding, vertical sliding windows, and roof decorations are just some of the features that put the Tenshikan on par with the Kosaka Mine office and Korakukan Theater.
An educational display about the history of the Tenshikan and a multi-purpose room are open to visitors.
Image of a nun and a child in front of the entrance
Illumination during the Christmas season


【Address】35-6 Furudate Kosakakōzan Kosaka Town,Kazuno-gun,Akita

【Phone number】0186-29-5522(Kosaka Mine Office reception)



【Former Kindergarten for local miners' children】
35-6 Furudate Kosakakōzan Kosaka Town,Kazuno-gun,Akita