Kosaka area

Korakukan Theater

Living, breathing, dancing history

Constructed in 1910 for the enjoyment of local miners, the theater boasts a unique Western façade with a traditional Japanese interior. Shows are still held on a regular basis, over a century since the first curtain call.
Guided tours before and after performances take guests backstage to see famous kabuki actor autographs and under-stage to view the rotating stage mechanism.
Promenade in front of the theater
Theater interior
Dance performance


【Address】2 Matsunoshita Kosakakōzan Kosaka Town,Kazuno gun,Akita

【Phone number】0186-29-3732

【Open】9:00 to 17:00

【Closed】December 29 - January 3
※Performances will not be held from December through March. Guided tours of the playhouse will be available on a scheduled basis.

【Performance + guided tour】Adult - ¥2,200 (Group - ¥1,980), Child - ¥1,100 (Group - ¥990)

【Guided tour only】Adult - ¥660 (Group - ¥600), Child - ¥330 (Group - ¥300)



【​Korakukan Theater】
2 Matsunoshita Kosakakōzan Kosaka Town,Kazuno-gun,Akita