Kitaakita area

Matagi Museum

Explore the rich Matagi culture

The Matagi culture dates back centuries. Living deep in the mountains, they sustained their villages through hunting bear and other practices. Modern Akita in Japan can trace their way of life back to the Ani region in Kitaakita where it first began.
The Matagi Museum, conveniently located next to Utto Hot Springs, displays authentic Matagi articles including hunting tools and clothing. For those looking to understand the history and culture of the area, it is a must-see.
An audio guide introducing this fascinating Matagi culture is readied in the museum. If you have a smartphone, you can listen to commentary in English or Chinese, as well as Japanese. In addition, since the recording can be displayed on the mobile phone screen, ensuring people with hearing impairments can also learn Matagi culture.
Matagi Museum & Utto Hot Springs
Japanese black bear display
Matagi hunting tool exhibit


【Address】67 Senbokuwatarimichkami Aniuttou Kitaakita City,Akita

【Phone number】0186-84-2612 (Utto Hot Spring front desk)

【Open】9:00 to 17:00

【Closed】Same as Utto Hot Spings

【Admission】Adult - ¥150, Child - ¥50
※Guests at Utto Hot Springs receive free admission



【Utto Hot Springs Mataginoyu】
67 Senbokuwatarimichkami Aniuttou Kitaakita City,Akita