Kitaakita area

Futamataso House

Find peace of mind among the mountains and fields

Upon the passing of the former owner, the splendid Futamata-sō was refurbished as an annex of the Ani-no-Mori Buna Hotel.
Every year local food tastings are held in the spacious traditional tatami rooms.
According to legend, Nekko village was founded by defeated warriors fleeing from southern Japan. The isolated location of the village gave birth to unique customs. The Matagi hunting culture is said to have started in Nekko and the traditional village dances, performed in August, are designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties of Japan.
Entrance of the tunnel connecting Okashinai to Nekko village
Only one car can travel the tunnel at a time; special pull-offs are designed for passing
Nekko village sits cradled by the surrounding mountains
Photos of the Matagi hunter heydays in Nekko decorate the interior
Only seasonal dishes are prepared to ensure a fresh meal
Nekko Bangaku dance, designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan

Old folk house experience by a dish and the break

I can enjoy the cooking such as mushrooms in spring in an edible wild plant, the autumn. How about while hearing the murmuring of the basis river when I experience a leisurely country life?
I would like the application for use (break, meal) to "the forest beech hotel of Ani" of associated facilities.
In addition, the application for dish should be more than 10 groups. In addition, on account of the preparations, I would like a reservation within three days before a use day.

【forest beech hotel of Ani】

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【Futamataso House】
Nekkomata Aninekko Kitaakita City, Akita