Kitaakita area

Kumakuma Bear Park

A thrilling experience for the whole family

Opened as the Ani Bear Ranch in 1990, it was reopened as Kumakuma Bear Park in 2014. Visitors can enjoy watching the Japanese black bears play on "Bear Mountain" and see the grizzly bears up close at their glass lined habitat.

Visitors can feed the black bears specially prepared treats and participate in special events such as bear cub meet and greets.
Bears asking for treats
Gossiping bears
Playful bear cubs

Further information

【Address】1-39 Tinba Aniuttou Kitaakita City, Akita

【Phone number】0186-84-2626

【Business hours】9:00~16:00

【Fixed closing day】From the middle of November to the middle of April(the visit of from December to March requires reservation)

【Admission】Very much Person - 700 yen, dwarf - 200 yen (with the bait) ※In the group (more than 15 people), only an adult is discounted by 100 yen



【Kumakuma Bear Park】
1-39 Tinba Aniuttou Kitaakita City, Akita