Kitaakita area

Taiko Museum

World's best large drum

Have your breath taken away when first setting eyes on the massive drums at the Taiko Museum. The museum proudly displays six drums over two meters in diameter, the largest measuring 3.8m in diameter and weighing 3.5 metric tons. Additionally, there over 140 drums from forty countries around the world for visitors to take in.
Every year for the past 700 years, the Tsudureko Taiko Festival has used large drums in the celebrations. Visitors can enjoy watching the large drums on display in the museum in action at the festival from July 14-15.
An audio guide is installed to introduce the history of Taiko and other displays. If you have a smartphone, you can listen to commentary in English and Chinese as well as Japanese. In addition, the recording can be displayed in text. People with hearing impairments can also access the guide without trouble.
Outside the Taiko Museum
Tsuzureko Festival
Tsuzureko Festival (dance)


【Address】62-1 Ōzutumimichisita Tuzureko Kitaakita City,Akita

【Phone number】0186-63-0111

【Open】9:00 to 17:00

【Closed】December 31 - January 1

【Admission】Adult - ¥430 (Groups of more than 20 - ¥380),
Junior High School and High School Students- ¥320 (Groups of more than 20 - ¥260),
Elementary School Students- ¥210 (Groups of more than 20 - ¥170)



【Taiko Museum (Takanosu Rest Stop)】
62-1 Ōzutumimichisita Tuzureko Kitaakita City,Akita