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Isedotai Site

Major archaeological site of northern Japan

Jomon people, the ancestors of modern Japanese, built the Isedotai site approximately 4,000 ago. The site centers on large four large stone circles and includes burial sites and traces of buildings. It is thought that the stone circles were a place of prayer and worship. Nearly 200 clay figures have been excavated from the site over the years which archaeologists believe were smashed during ceremonies. Only one intact figure has been found to date. Visitors can view the excavated figures at the Isedotai Museum and also take a guided walk of the stone circles.
Aerial view of the site
Large replica of clay figure
Isedotai Museum interior
Smiling "Warau Gangu" figure
Clay figure and mascot of Isedotai Museum
Exterior of Isedotai Museum


【Address】100-1 Ogatanakata Wakigami Kitaakita City,Akita

【Phone number】0186-84-8710

【Open】9:00 to 17:00

【Season】Closed Monday (Tuesday if Monday is holiday), December 29~January 3
※Archaeological site open from late-April to October

【Admission (Isedotai Museum)】Free-of-charge



【Isedotai Site】
100-1 Ogatanakata Wakigami Kitaakita City,Akita