Odate area

Nagabashiri Wind Caves

Fun and educational activity for the whole family

Situated on the slope of Mt. Kunimi in northern Odate, the Wind Caves stay a cool 0~5℃ even in mid-summer. The unique geology of the area allows alpine flora to thrive at altitudes over 800m lower than their usual habitat.
Inside the Nagabashiri Wind Cave Visitor Center, educational displays show the process through which the caves are cooled, and at a miniature theater guests can learn more about the surrounding habitat and fauna. Cellar #1 is open to visitors to enter and experience the unique natural phenomenon for themselves.
*During the summer months, the visitor center is cooled natural by the wind caves.

Nagabashiri Wind Caves Visitor Center

Wind Caves Museum
Interior of a Wind Cave
Walkway from museum 3rd floor to outside

Alpine vegetation found around the wind caves


【Address】362-6 Nagabasiri Nagabasiri Ōdate City,Akita

【Phone Number】0186-51-2005

【Open】9:30 to 16:30

【Season】Open everyday June-August, Closed Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday), Closed January-March

【Entrance Fee】Free



【Nagabashiri Wind Caves】
362-6 Nagabasiri Nagabasiri Ōdate City,Akita