Odate area

Ourokan Estate

Gem of pre-war architecture

Having miraculously survivied the numerous fires that have ravaged central Odate in the past, the Ourokan Estate stands as a splendid example of pre-war Japanese architecture. Sakuraba Bunzo, the last mayor of Odate Town, built the structure as a private residence on the grounds of the former Odate Castle; Ouro means "cherry blossom tower" in Japanese.
Among the several unique architectural finishes is the lookout tower jutting from the top of the building. The four-sided glass feature sports panoramic views of Odate including the famed Daimoji mountain.


【Address】13-3 Aza Nakajyō Ōdate City,Akita

【Contact】Ourokan 0186-42-0319 / Town Development Division (inquiries) 0186-43-7135


【Closed】Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday), December 29- January 3




【Ourokan Estate】
13-3 Aza Nakajyō Ōdate City,Akita