Odate area

Akita Dog Visitor Center

Akita Dogs and Sightseeing Information!

The Akita Dog Visitor Center is modeled after the 1920's Shibuya Station in Tokyo where Hachiko waited patiently for his master. Real Akita dogs are on staff to greet visitors to Odate and there are lots of Akita dog themed souvenirs and gifts.

The center is also home to a Tourist Information Center that can help visitors to the area make the best of their time in Odate. There's so much to see and do!
Akita Dog Museum Entrance
Akita Dog Museum
Souvenir Shop
Waiting to meet their new owners!
The impressive Akita dog tower
Try to find this mark, its good luck!

Further information

【Address】13-1 Onaricho, Ōdate City, Akita


【Open】9:00 to 17:00

【Closed】December 31 to January 1

【Admission】Free of charge


【Akita Dog Visitor Center】
13-1 Onaricho Ōdate City, Akita