Kitaakita area

Mt. Moriyoshi Dam Curry

The Moriyoshi version of dam curry

There are many dams all around Japan. In recent years, restaurants near dams have been serving curries that mimic the dam. Normally, the rice represents the embankment of a dam and the curry the water of the reservoir.
The curry features colorful sautéed vegetables and fresh greens. Make sure to snap a pic before breaking the dam!


Road station Takanosu
【Address】Ozutsumimichishita-62-1 Tsuzureko, Kitaakita, Akita, Japan

Shiki Bikan
【Address】Omichiue-3-1 Animaeda, Kitaakita, Akita, Japan


Train station Takanosu: Ozutsumimichishita-62-1 Tsuzureko, Kitaakita, Akita, Japan
Shiki Bikan: Omichiue-3-1 Animaeda, Kitaakita, Akita, Japan