Odate area


"Caviar of the field"

Toburi, known as caviar of the field, is the delicate fruit of the summer cypress bush which has been carefully picked and prepared
The small fruits are were first harvested for consumption in the Hinai region of Odate where it is still known as a local delicacy. The thin skin of the fruit combined with the high juice content creates a texture similar to fish caviar. It is popular for its rich dietary fiber and antioxidants content, and is used to add texture to many dishes.
Tonburi rice bowl
Tonburi with maguro
Tonburi with natto


Available in supermarkets and souvenir corner in Akita Prefecture
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JA North Akita
【Address】7-22 Negetoshinmachi, Odate, Akita
【Available period】November to March (Raw Tonburi)