Odate area

Delicious! Hinai Chicken

There is a rich variety of dishes.

At ‘Akita Hinaiya’, delicious free-range, slow raised Hinai chicken dishes can be savoured.

Hinai chicken, made in Odate (Akita) are free-range for more than 150 days and carefully bred.
Hinai is the name of a place in the Southern part of Odate City in Akita.

There is a rich variety of dishes.
They serve the famous kiritanpo hotpot with Hinai chicken, an Akita specialty.
Oyakodon, Hitsumabushi, and Yakitori made with Hinai chicken are all excellent.
In Summer, there are special dishes such as loco moco bowl, and cold noodles.

Hinai chicken oyakodon makes the most of the tender, juicy meat by pairing it with creamy Hinai chicken eggs and sweet sauce on a bed of perfectly steamed rice. Striving for simplicity, the sauce is 100% free of artificial seasonings like MSG.
With every bite, the umami flavour spreads in your mouth.
Come give it a try!


【Handling store】Akita Hinaiya Odate Honten

【Address】21, Omachi, Odate-shi, Akita

【Phone number】0120-701-718

【Open】11:00 to 14:00, 17:00 to 22:00 ※Open till 21:00 on Sundays

【Fixed closing day】On Wednesday



【Akita Hinai-Ya Restaurant】
21 Ōmachi Ōdate City, Akita