Kosaka area

Interact with Owls & Parakeets!

At a place surrounded by nature.

In Kosaka Town, Akita Prefecture, there is a wonderful place where you can interact with owls & parakeets.

They are super cute and perfect to interact with nature on your own, or with the whole family!

Surrounded by nature, the place can be closed depending on the weather, so please make a booking a day before, and call them before you leave.

Further information

(Fu-re-a-i TORIKAGO)

Sainokami-5-2 Araya, Kosaka, Kazuno District, Akita

【Phone Number】0186-29-4060

【Open Hours】Sundays, 12:00~16:00 (Please call in case they are closed).
(Also Open on other days. Reservation Only, at least the day before).

【Pricing】 Adults 500 yen, Children 100 yen.
(Cash Only)

【Parking】 Available at the back

【Home Page】


【Name】Fu-re-a-i TORIKAGO
【Address】Sainokami-5-2 Araya, Kosaka, Kazuno District, Akita