Kitaakita area

Mt. Moriyoshi Gondola

Mt. Moriyoshi (1,454m) stand prominently in central-easter Akita. Formed by volcanic activity, the surrounding area encompasses a 3km caldera. Famous as one of Japan's "Flower Mountains", fields of wild flowers bloom from early spring to late summer. In the Autumn, visitors come from all over to marvel at the changing foliage that the mountain offers. Anyone can enjoy the splendor of Mt. Moriyoshi with the short, 15-minute gondola ride from base to summit!

Mt. Moriyoshi Snow Monsters. Winter Only!

Mt. Moriyoshi is one of the few places in the world where Snow Monsters naturally form. Take the gondola up Mt. Moriyoshi to experience the spectacular Snow Monsters for yourself!

Hiking Trails

Kometsuga Trail

【Distance】One-way 5.6km

【Time】3hr 15min

【Route】kometsuga mountain cottage (800m) →Ichi no Koshi (1,264m) → Ishimori (1,308m) → Summit (1,454m)

Matsukura Trail

【Distance】One-way 8.0km

【Time】3hr 15min

【Route】Matsukura Trailhead(720m) → kumominePass (1,220m) → Ishimori (1,308m) → Summit(1,454m)

Buna Tei Trail

【Distance】One-way 4.5km

【Time】2hr 30min

【Route】Buna Tei Trailhead (800m) → Ishimori (1,308m) → mukitakesanitadaki (1,454m)

Utto, Nakamura Trail

【Distance】One-way 6.0km

【Time】3hr 30min

【Route】Shinrin Dou Trailhead(650m) → 1056 peaks (1,056m) → Summit (1,454m)

Hibakura Trail

【Distance】One-way 4.5km

【Time】3hr 30min

【Route】Hibakura Trailhead (820m) → Hibakura Fork (1,280m) → Yamahito Dai (1,324m) → Summit (1,454m)

Kuroishi Kawa Trail

【Distance】One-way 13.0km

【Time】6hr 20min

【Route】Yasei Choju Center (650m) → Kuroishi Kawa convergence (860m) → Warisawa Mori (1,001m) → Sho Ikegahara (1,280m) → Hibakura Fork (1,280m) → Yamahito Dai (1,324m) → Summit (1,454m)

Gondola Lift Fee

One way

【Adult】1,200 yen

【Child】500 yen

Coming and going

【Adult】1,800 yen

【Child】800 yen

Coming and going (more than 15 people)

【Adult】1,700 yen

【Child】750 yen

Coming and going (more than 30 people)

【Adult】1,600 yen

【Child】700 yen

Staying pack (Kitaakita-shi hotel guest-limited)

【Adult】1,600 yen

【Child】700 yen


Nature Guide

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