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Mt. Tashirodake Trekking

Mt. Tashirodake (1,178m) is a dormant volcano in the Shirakami Sanchi mountain range. The mountain is famed for the more than 120 unique ponds, or "pot holes", that dot the area around checkpoint 9. Due to the abundant alpine plants and flowers found in the area, it has been nicknamed the "Alaskan Garden in the Clouds".
Every summer solstice fortune telling rituals are performed around the ponds to divine the fate of the autumn harvest.

Hiking Trail

【Arasawa Trail (A Trail)】

The trail follows a small rocky stream until the third check point and can be difficult to follow in places. A detour trail can be found around the second check point.

Trail Details (Approx. 2 hrs,4km to summit)

Trailhead →(40min/〜1.5km)→ check point 3 (Bunadai Junction) → Join with Ohirote Trail @ check point 4

【Ohirote Trail (B Trail)】

Relatively easy, popular trail.

Trail Details (Approx. 2 hrs, 3.7km to summit)

Trailhead →(50min/〜1.5km)→ check point 4 →(50min/〜1.7km)→ check point 9 ponds →(20min/〜0.5km)→ summit

【Usushi Trail (C Trail)】

Trail with steep climbs. Climbs begin from check point 3.

Trail Details (Approx. 2 hrs 15 min, 4.2km to summit)

Trailhead →(120min/〜3.9km)→ check point 9 ponds →(15min/〜0.3km)→ summit

【Ue Arasawa Trail (D Trail)】

Shortest available trail. Approximately 10 minutes from the tailhead, trail joins checkpoint 5 of the
Ohirote Trail. However, the trailhead is far and the unpaved road often becomes difficult for vehilces due to snow melt and rain. Caution is advised.

Trail Details (Approx. 1 hr 5 min , 1.9km to summit)

Trailhead →(10min/〜0.5km)→ Join with Ohirote Trail @ check point 5

【Traverse Trail (E Trail)】

Approach Mt. Tashiordake after summiting Mt. Eboshidake (1,133m) and Mt. Raidake (1,128m).
The most challenging trail currently serviced. The trailhead is located next to the Usushi Yama hut.
This trail reaches the summit of Mt. Tashirodake before passing through the ponds and marsh area.

Trail Details (Approx. 4 hrs, 9.0km)

Tailhead →(150min/〜6.0km)→ Mt. Eboshidake →(40min/〜1.5km)→ Mt. Raidake →(50min/〜1.5km)→ Mt. Tashirodake Summit

Photo Gallery

Blossoming alpine flowers on Mt. Tashirodake
Wooden walkway on the marsh at check point 9
Pot hole ponds
Wild flowers poking their heads through the boardwalk

Mt. Tashirodake Guide Association

Mission Statement

Dedicated to providing a safe and fun guiding experience for visitors to of Mt. Tashirodake Prefectural Park.
Available for PTA, student, and private groups.


1-4 people ¥12,000
5+ people numer of people x ¥3,000

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FAX:0186-43-1280(Takashimizu Guiding)

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