Common ticket of “Korakukan” traditional popular drama viewing + Kuroko backstage tour + Kosaka Mine Office [Akita·Kosaka Town]

Common ticket of Korakukan playhouse (drama viewing + backstage tour) and Kosaka Mine Office. A great combination of a play viewing and facility tour at Korakukan which is a National Important Cultural Property, and a tour visiting Kosaka Mine Office. At Meiji period's playhouse "Korakukan", Japan's oldest wooden theater was built in 1910, and it is still active over 100 years! A regular performance of traditional popular drama (Taishu-engeki) is played from April to November. The performances by "Shitamachi Kabuki-gumi" are provided twice or third times in a day depends on the months every year. As it can be enjoyed in all generations regardless of age or gender, we have many customers throughout the year from all across Japan and overseas. The students on school trip also visit us for enjoying the play and learning the history. Please come and enjoy watching the regular performance at Korakukan which is still active over a century. Kosaka Town in Akita was thriving in Kosaka mine. In 1910, the Meiji playhouse “Korakukan” was built as a welfare facility for Kosaka Mine's employees and their families.  The theater is western style outside but with a pure Japanese style inside. It is characterized by the unique combination of both Japanese and Western styles. The Korakukan facility tour will be guided by the staff who is dressing all in black costume as a Kuroko which are stagehands in traditional Japanese theater. Please enjoy not only the play but also the back stage of the living playhouse as well! You can also enjoy to learn the history and culture of Kosaka Mine by visiting the Kosaka Mine Office built in 1905.

Activity details


Adult (over 16 years old) 1 person 2,320yen

Child (7 to 15 years old) 1 person 1,160yen

* Preschool children are free.

Group discount (more than 15 people / adult) 1 person 2,070yen

Group discount (more than 15 people / child) 1 person 1,040yen

  • All prices include tax.
  • Price is as stated above.
  • Prices vary by date. Please confirm the price after seleting your reservation date.
【Included in price】
Fee for the regular show, facility tour (with guide), Kosaka mine office observation, tax
【Not included in price】
Eating and drinking fee, Kosaka mine office guide fee

Activity seanon

【First day of season】2020-07-01

【Last day of season】2020-11-28

Required time

3 to 4 hours

Age limit & other information

Please check the reservation site for details.

Company information

【Meeting place】
"KORAKUKAN (康楽館)" a playhouse from Meiji period / a national important cultural property. 2 Matsunoshita, Kosaka-kozan, Kosaka-machi,  Kazuno district, AKITA 017-0202

【Meeting time】
* Please come at least 15 minutes before the reservation time of each performance * For details, please check the "Korakukan" website < Performance period and start time > 4 / 18-5 / 5 10: 00-, 12: 30- (Performance time 75 minutes) 5/6 (Chiaki Raku) 10:00-(90 minutes) 5/8-6/20 10:00-, 12:30-(75 minutes) 6/21 (Chiaki Raku) 10:00-(90 minutes) 6/24-7/28 10: 30-, 14: 00- (120 minutes) 7/29 (Chiaki Raku) 10: 30- (140 minutes) 8/1 ~ 8/25 10: 30 ~ 、 14: 00 ~ (120 minutes) 8/26 (Chiakiraku) 10:30-(140 minutes) 8 / 29-9 / 28 10: 30-, 14: 00- (120 minutes) 9/29 (Chiaki Raku) 10: 30- (140 minutes) 10/2 ~ 10/27 10: 30 ~ 、 14: 00 ~ (120 minutes) 10/28 (Chiaki Raku) 10: 30- (140 minutes) 10/31-11/27 10:30-14:00-(120 minutes) 11/28 (Chiaki Raku) 10: 30- (140 minutes)

【Company name】

秋田県 鹿角郡小坂町小坂鉱山字松ノ下2