Pleasure-boat on Lake Taihei! Enjoy the seasonal scenery and strolling around the unexplored region [Akita·Kita-akita]

This is a pleasure-boat with an observation deck "Moriyoshimaru", travels between Taihei Lake and Komata Gorge. You can enjoy both the sightseeing boat of lake and an exploring around the unexplored nature! Taihei Lake is an artificial lake which was made according to the completion of 30km Moriyoshi Dam. It is crowded with the explorers of valley views and anglers during the season. It only takes about 15 minutes boat ride to arrive at Komata Gorge Pier. There is a 1.8km long promenade in Komata Gorge where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature of seasons. From the fresh green in spring to the deep green in summer, Komata Gorge fascinates people with its refreshing scenery worthy of the name of “hidden world”. Furthermore, the autumn leaves of Okumoriyoshi are so colorful that can be described as "embroidery". The incredibly beautiful unexplored world only can be created by God is waving to you, and takes to the another world. The boat runs every hour from 9:30 to 15:30. * Please note that the last pleasure-boat of the day (15:30) does not stop at Komata Gorge.

Activity details


Adult (over 13 years old) 1 person 1,500yen

Child (4 to 12 years old) 1 person 750yen

Please post a physical, intellectual and mental disability certificate.

Person with a disability Sale 1 person 750yen

* Post a disability certificate.
* The same fee will be charged for one person with a disability.

  • All prices include tax.
  • Price is as stated above.
  • Prices vary by date. Please confirm the price after seleting your reservation date.
【Included in price】
Pleasure-boat boarding fare, tax

Activity seanon

【First day of season】2020-06-01

【Last day of season】2020-10-31

Required time

1 to 2 hours

Age limit & other information

Please check the reservation site for details.

Company information

【Meeting place】
Lake Taihei Green House (Sunakozawa, Moriyoshi, Kita-akita city, AKITA 018-4511)

【Meeting time】
Please be at 15 minutes prior to your booking time.

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【Business hours】